Sunday, December 14, 2008

some more old news

Old News, the title of this blog, also happens to be the title of the book I'm writing, an ongoing narrative. I've posted pages of it here before, out of order. Now I'm posting pages 19-22 below, in order, which follow the page titled BRIDGE HERMIT STRANGELY KILLED, to give you some context; you can listen to the first 16 pages, in order, accompanied by music, here; these will also appear in the next ixnay reader. Later I may write on the blog a little about what I'm writing.


odd jobs

i have many hearts

one’s a stick

i snap it over my knee

can’t help it

can’t help it



a big school

publics you out

ironfist pounds a cloud’s

all you got so what

so what

jobs jobs jobs

every 20 minutes

years ago you’d walk 20 minutes

in any direction

and there’d be another dialect

frankie tells rosanna

every 20 minutes no matter

what direction you walked

frankie’s tone never changes

i can’t tell if he laments

a more integrated yet homogenized

present or if he prefers it

he whistles right past me


you said if Bush won the election again we’d move to my country, she said.

i’m not ready to move yet, he said.

if you’re not ready now, you’ll never be.

i don’t know if i can move there. no offense, but your country’s pretty racist and classist.

you say the same thing about your country, she said.

it’s not the same. this country has essential freedoms that your country doesn’t.

such as what?

such as freedom of speech, he said.

we have freedom of speech, she said.

oh yeah, what happens if i protest the government because i disagree with them about something? huh? i disappear, that’s what happens. i disappear.

why would you be protesting the government? when do you protest the government here?

the whole way i live my life is a protest.

is it? well, you can live the same way in my country.

you don’t understand – look, it’s the principle of the matter. i need to know that i have that freedom.

this is why you are spoiled. this is why americans are spoiled.




the walt whitman bridge is no cheaper

than the ben franklin

lay on the horn all you want

camden is poor

you know by looking at the dunkin donuts

america runs on dunkin

the present’s not a divider

the present’s a uniter

you know by looking at the dunkin donuts

walt whitman is buried in camden

ben franklin is buried in philadelphia

and the delaware river’s a zombie