Friday, September 21, 2018


every time you mourn a republican
a kitten chokes to death
and it’s back to school
in the smoke of productivity
there’s a pillow in a trash can
in front of my building
houses are for sale up & down
the make-believe
what do you want
a new career
a box fan in the window
a box of old how-to
books on proof
in the pudding
a televised-ass life
gas mileage alone
in the dark
a last laugh that lets you
and beyond what dollar
do you stop meaning
what you say
and wake up on a cruise
where the ocean says leave me alone
from the gutted prayer
in your throat
proving your puppethood
enough to renounce
the profit motive
so we can be friends
and i can stop trying
to solve
my own murder
which is a real drag
since i’m still alive
waiting in line
for my certificate of salvage
from the department of motor vehicles
on a tuesday
if i have to scrape out
someone else's dream
to bury it properly
i will scrape out
someone else's dream
to bury it properly