Sunday, July 30, 2017


if you wanna wallow in the pig trough, you can light sparklers
in the street w/ the dudebros


i was a dumb kid when you arrived
and now i’m not


now i can get off the internet
and just be a person


my grandmother outlived her ability to speak
her first language, she was 97


your dropbox is full and is no longer syncing files


in the time of convenience stores, i got treated
like a convenience store


what doesn’t the revolving door


how do you give yourself to yourself
if there’s no such thing


keep peeling the potatoes, will you, and
we’ll let you know when it’s ready


you ride someone’s tail, i step on the fake brake
and nothing happens, we’re safe


i mean if you’re gonna be a nobody
have some class about it


shake up the pepsi before you hand it
to the scab


there’s no such thing as a good millionaire
everybody knows


tuck the corpse into your billfold
like there’s furniture in the mountains


for just a minute, maybe longer, stop being
everything you’ve made

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

independence day

who made you einstein, monday-face

american standard is a brand of toilet

so i just start walking on water

out of respect for pangea

trash gets picked up

i mean if you’re gonna be a nobody

have some class about it

shake up the pepsi

like a dead cat in heat

the butcher kills the air

when the woodwork crawls out of you

don’t come licking my stoop

because your leadership pills are gone

father of the year is taking questions

quick sip delivery nods in clouds

tell self-checkout i said hi

my bus is here

crack that baby open