Monday, March 27, 2017

SPiA #6

The new Slow Poetry in America newsletter is five poems from a manuscript I recently finished writing called General Motors. You can order it or subscribe to SPiA right here and get poetry in your mailbox every season. Thanks to Mike Cavuto, Hoa Nguyen & Dale Smith.

Boneless Skinless

Boneless Skinless is in the world, featuring work by poets who've read at Housework at Chapterhouse, the great poetry reading series run by Mel Bentley, who also edits the magazine with Jonathan Hamilton. Two of my chase scenes are in volume 1, which you can get here.

Whirlwind #10

Check out Whirlwind #10, published out of Philly by Sean Lynch and Lamont Steptoe. The new issue focuses on the meaning of "empire" in the 21st century. Happy to have two poems as part of it. You can read the magazine online here or get it in print.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

injury music

when they say “nothing is free”
they mean “you work for me”

when they say “we don’t condone violence”
they mean “you work for me”

when they cart you off the field on a stretcher
thousands of little boss-slaves cheering on
your pain

the super bowl of cheerios
in a sink

this complete breakfast
of losers

i wipe my mouth
w/ a napkin

everything is free

waterfalls are not
little girls exist

poems outside any nation
or sink

when they write “nation”
they mean “bruise”

we found you w/ nations
all over your body

and we nursed you up
otherwise withholding our labor
from the dying ocean

who are you
now at the lip
all washed up

Saturday, February 11, 2017


The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage interviewed me recently about writing, how I came to it, what makes it happen. You can read it here.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Real News

Medics Remove Gold Toilet from Officer’s Head

“Is CNN People?” People Ask

Roots of Starved Trees Found Gripping Skulls from Heaven

Cops Offer Free Hugs to Corpses

Saint Go Pinged from Winged Bike

Love Fails to Trumka Hate in Capitalist State

Hiccups in Paradise Reported by Garbage Police

Water Protectors Attacked by Government
as Middle Class Shakes Fist at Socialist

Electronic Credential Mill Fires its own Mother—Your Mother

Enrollment Plummets at Good Worker University

White God Misses Bus in White Imagination

The KKK Took Our Healthcare Away

Old Mortgage Tongue Calls it a Day

Fascists Plead for Peace & Quiet

There is no outside, says Frog