Saturday, September 29, 2012

poem for satan

in the hatching of eggs
for example
the eggs of the potato bug
those of the canary
those of the barnyard hen
the eggs of ducks and geese
those of the mallard
the eggs of the parrot and the ostrich
the number of days in a week
in the making of an elephant
satan has a headache
when you open it
he collapses
and the horse rises from the ground
on its two front legs
a cow rises from the ground
with its two hind legs
and says MOOOOO as waves
of the sea roll in on shore
and the great botanist
of soil, moisture, and headaches
and day or night
by flowers that were open
and those that were closed
on the stalks of collapse
each watermelon has
each orange has
each ear of corn has
each stalk of wheat has
every bunch of bananas has
an unsharpened pencil
with which to write
the bible and give
you a headache