Friday, April 20, 2012

speaker of the house

woke up spooked, outside
a womb. what womb? for
a walk, valu-plus, walk it off
outta business, this paper
cup life a ghost in building.
what do you say to someone
who’s working when you’re
not. you just get your gum
and go on. in passing, put a
hoodie on, the speaker no
longer recognizes you. who’s
the speaker? wasn’t it the
speaker flew to philly to speak
to the wharton school of
business but got spooked
en route and canceled when
he caught word a public would
show—people, who live there—
here, work, fight, love. stand
in the street, waiting. spokes
in a wheel, spinning—no house.
love is no house, never recognized
the speaker anyway. anyway,
get a job, get a job on a jet back
to job, says a dude on a jet in the
wind, as a job is a cloud in a hoodie.