Saturday, March 10, 2012

a few reviews, all at once

Recently, Toby Altman reviewed Old News in Apiary Magazine. So did Daniel Bouchard in Zoland Poetry, Gina Myers in The Rumpus, and Joshua Ware on his blog. Thanks, folks.

Also, here is a blurb--which is more like a poem--that Eric Baus wrote for the SPD page. Eric composes his blurbs and introductions almost entirely of the writer's words. Wish I wrote it myself:

OLD NEWS is a real city. Many persons on the pavements. A picture teacher. A brief history of Spirit-matter. A brief history of a lost dog. Total Assets: a flash card with the word friend on it. Professional History: picking through the garbage with Gabriel García Márquez. Often it is permitted to return to a factory. A car goes by and it doesn't explode. What's it say to all these dead people? White House for rent, 2 bdrms 1 bath.