Tuesday, June 7, 2011

no more mister softee

you are a donkey, mister softee
you are all lyrics     forming worms
that never end        mister donkey

you are the creamiest, dreamiest
ding-a-ling down the street
you are a softee, mister ding-a-ling

down the street        say it in spanish
first            rico sauve, señor asshole
do you wanna start a band?

it’s the song of summer, mister soft-serve
picture the amazingness of my
concession        i am a milkshake, mister

sundae            listen for my store
on wheels        my worms of exception
i’m like       it’s better than yours

you are a highlight, mister dee-light
but i am the method man
of the creamiest ding-a-ling down

the street       come on, mister softee
come on