Friday, October 31, 2008

the pleasures of high-fiving strangers

In Philadelphia, baseball might be the only thing people let set them free. I’d never seen Broad St. like it was Wednesday night. Was it that crazy in 1983 after the Sixers won it all? I was a toddler then, I don't remember.

But we should do this more often. People should find more reasons to high five each other. High-fiving is good for the soul.

The video below, which I found on YouTube, shows people reacting to the final pitch inside a bar – the Irish Pub, I think (I was in Dirty Frank’s – the world champion of bars, where the reaction was about the same); then some footage of the pandemonium in the streets. Are they chanting “Phillies” or “Billy” at the end, when the camera focuses in on the William Penn statue?