Sunday, January 22, 2017

Real News

Medics Remove Gold Toilet from Officer’s Head

“Is CNN People?” People Ask

Roots of Starved Trees Found Gripping Skulls from Heaven

Cops Offer Free Hugs to Corpses

Saint Go Pinged from Winged Bike

Love Fails to Trumka Hate in Capitalist State

Hiccups in Paradise Reported by Garbage Police

Water Protectors Attacked by Government
as Middle Class Shakes Fist at Socialist

Electronic Credential Mill Fires its own Mother—Your Mother

Enrollment Plummets at Good Worker University

White God Misses Bus in White Imagination

The KKK Took Our Healthcare Away

Old Mortgage Tongue Calls it a Day

Fascists Plead for Peace & Quiet

There is no outside, says Frog