Sunday, August 14, 2016

honk if you don't exist

a strike is people
the horse a door
you were saying
tempus fuck it
we made your car
it’s an eraser
get in
sit, unknown, sit
if you don’t exist
you were saying
how to be anything
when everything’s
a parade of geese
has shut down
traffic in front
of the art museum
nobody honks
the traffic is thinking
about itself
its itness
my armpits
my girlfriend
loves it
we’re late
to a job
called food
the geese tease
the streets
the museum starts
jerking off
a cop shakes
his head
the steps collapse
into rain
rocky is now a girl
the flood hires us
to be water
our mouth
grabs the statue
of frank rizzo
by the ankles
he waves
like a dead trophy
to his wife the cops
she was born cops
every day
a blue life
comes out of its
blue mom
a smurf w/ a gun
there’s another one
like a sandwich
on a playground
marry me, he says, marry me
before drowning

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Public Pool

A few poems from the book I'm working on are up at PUBLIC POOL--you can read them here. Thanks to the editors.