Tuesday, May 26, 2015

tempus fuckit

i hate the word “vision”
as meaning anything
but eyesight
somebody w/ money
will build something
stupid here
and that’s that
the pilot hid his depression
locked out the captain
and flew 200 people
into a mountain
we’ve got tv and internet
chicken salmon steak
crime and punishment
we never finished it
my life was spared
at moment of execution
when two men w/ bats
emerged from sunoco
to chase them off
the news will die later
it’s april again
acme bags bloom
in the dead trees
like prayers
i write three poems
at once
to hedge my bets
outside of sex
i have never lived
“in the moment”
what is “the moment”
another name for
a propulsive need to
be turned inside
i sit still in my car
the only
thing is a trash
truck we’re stuck
behind on 9th street
one way
all the way
all is lost
but the radio
which is blind
i look down at my phone
retweet the common squirrel
scratch scratch scratch
run run run

the eighties are oldies now
i’ll stop the world
and melt with you
you’ve seen the difference
and it’s getting better
all the time

Sunday, May 3, 2015


photo by Pattie McCarthy