Tuesday, February 18, 2014

chase scene #15

we're surviving, so there's a show. some lines i grow jealous
of. bills flow thru my body, wet day dreams. you can have that
line. make it stroll out the mouth of a fish. see something, say
something. i wasn't expecting to be moved by the zombies, but
i was. the vast pastures of irrelevance. the pervasive motorization
of petty individualisms. their detours of pleasure scribbled in
hurry--those streets await our faith. we can have them. like the
birds. birds are pervs. pervasive motorization, one tweets. one
squawks. one fucks.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


if fast food is public space
stay warm in wendy’s
be a stranger
the stranger the weather the better
the small talk, a little history
a little ancient been-around
and biggie fries
you feel ancient
the ancient’s been around
you just bought a lot of stuff
in a sea of status
so you’re tired
not the end of anything
sit down
be a frosty
and sunny’s the runniest dated feeling as
a wknd should be a long fuck sprawl
into other histories
of meaning it
of love sliding
fingers into
you can whisper
whose streets
our streets
whose streets
our streets
the poem
is a glove
to form is
to empty
the vent’s lashes
are dogs running
a stale stranger thaws out
to be wet heart
of city
a pretty girl blinks in
and what commercial makes you cry
and what would a united states of feminism
look like
ask the person next to you
and ignore the super bowl
don’t let it get you down
just stop watching it
stop watching it w/ me
for years and years
or minutes
til your team makes it
then you can cry
and cry
and we will listen