Tuesday, July 23, 2013

hush money

don’t sue your parents
kobe bryant
don’t make me
make meaning
over you
the burbs you
bounced off
a man’s going
under ground
in my face
he warns me
exiting the train
the story
the paper
the nba
is not a man
the burbs bounce off
the empty train
suing all your parents
julius irving didn’t
sue his parents
wilt chamberlain didn’t
sue his parents
who sues their fucking
general motors
sues their parents
general motors
sues the balls off
the dead of
a wake of the coulda been
fluid city of trollies and nobody
to sue
in your dreams
in your dreams
of no money





and the river’s on you
fare hikes
and shitty service
can we listen to another
general motor
we’re surrounded
by pictures of lawyers
i wipe the public
from my eye
whole foods
workers wearing red
tee shirts that say LOVE
they have to
that sucks
four bucks
a pound
you can suck
on a quarter
for a quarter
of an hour
like a valet parking
for no one
my ass sweats
past south street
the big stuff
a paycheck sooner
than thought
would open
the plans
the crotch of
we circle like flies
whole paycheck
on the brain
my tongue is a boardwalk
to dawn
a poet asks
will i lecture
some poor kids
on recycling
no way
no way

Friday, July 12, 2013

chase scene #6

why does your milkman whistle in the morning? because church
is a puddle we piss in together—no debts. no drinkus interruptus.
LA’s gone under, thank god, before new orleans. a toast to the ice
on our tail—chase it til hard work melts the carousel of progress
and we’ll swap spits like grandparents atop new year, stop being
the thing we were thought into. 11:59 pops into 12:00, looks fake
but isn’t. as if you were ever a citizen of anything. be proud of
your friends and the luck between you—call it a country, even, til
you gag on it—because you are a fool, and fools go on.