Monday, June 18, 2012

red sky

my body was a lake
people fished in
i watched
from a tree
as leaves
that’s my hand
when my son
goes to shake
it goodbye
not me
that i was people
son, let me tell you
true anonymity
is a mannequin
getting fucked
by a bum
in the lobby
of macy’s
the whole show
in which an object
any object
if he or she likes
being an object
eats holes—
have you ever been
a moth
swatted to dust
faked out
by “the light”
in search of form
as if form
were not restlessness
are form
the sip
for example
                of diseases a lot
of trombone
can be said to
let the park be sadness
flat as sadness
which is a hinge
this very line all
greased up
for you to step
any direction
your mouth pleases
in mug of world’s
best form
lowing heart
in the dam
if i repeat
“the one true thing”
every time
“the one true thing”
sews a button
back on
your shirt
the button is tender
it lobbies
for its own
w/ out knowing
flat as sadness
i will teach you
how to come
from somewhere
here, put this name
tag on & go
play w/ the others