Sunday, April 17, 2011

the bottle

I’m in the middle of Super Mario Brothers and she wants me to make a bottle? I’m not makin a bottle. I’m like, it’s not my kid! Money’s my mommy, too, right, so don’t talk to me. I’m not SEPTA. Do I look like SEPTA?

the scrubbing

Dear RYAN,

Don't think about it. Don't even let it cross your mind. The horror stories of germ infestation and the rampant spread of bacteria and viruses can make anyone queasy.

So instead of thinking about it, just take a simple action: Wash your hands.

It's that simple. Washing your hands frequently is one of the best ways to have it all. Here, let’s have it all: try one of my tacos. Yeah, with the sauce. Mmmmm. Good, isn’t it? The pork’s so good here. Pork’s so good because pigs don’t sweat, you know. So says the sweaty nose. So says your soapy sniffles. You want a piece of my sniffles? Yeah, have a sniff sniff. Mmmmm, yeah. How’s your hot sweaty? Yeah? How’s your little scrubbing? Mmmmm. You wanna learn more about my little scrubbing?

Mmmm just log onto and mmmmm just click on the mmmmmm yeah Cold and Flu Assessment to find out if you have something.

Doesn’t that sound good? It's nice when life is simple. It’s nice when life is easy.

Your partner in health,
Independence Blue Cross