Friday, July 24, 2009


The mighty Kim Gek Lin Short has a blog, and on it she has written about the voices in my chapbook.

And Steven Allen May, a few months ago, w/ some kind words.

And several months ago, Stan Mir on Old News.

Thanks, folks.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

text messages

my inbox: a year in review

Working the handlebar tonight with some chick. Come by get a load on. Start this holiday off right.

Republicans are on my television chanting “drill baby drill.”

Muaaa! besitos muchos besitos monis. i am so lucky you are the best.

Jesus was born in a Wawa.

Or you could just let him know that there are anatomy lessons available next door at the Dive.

The swelling is going down.

Im workin at the handlebar with my lovely cousin Lauren tonight. Be there, cause every time you drink an angel gets its wings.

Skylar born @ 7300 am! All are well. :-)

Just an fyi – keith and i are not dating . . . You had a strange look on your face that looked as if you thought he was serious. Hope you’re having fun at the Locust.

Kids melted in rain. Stuck. Diner. Doubtful.

Allo, gubnor! Sup witchu? How’s the adjuncting? How’s life? How’s my Eckes?

theres a beef n beeR to help pay for my hit n run @ out of wack jacks on Saturday. Tickets are $25.

I am @ Claudia’s place. i want u to know that i will miss u a lot. love MM

Do you think it’s weird to have a dog in the shower with you – while you’re naked and taking a shower?

Broke gonna have to skip.

read remains again today. holy shit.

Everythings coming up ryan.

What are you up to this evening, cupcake?

Balls out no bull old fart prof. Was a good one. Lots of remembering to do tho.

You got cash?

Tell jack im sorry i missed him!

No really thank you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


At 4th & South:

"I'm the only Duck driver brave enough to say it: Punk Rock Girl."

-- driver of a Ride the Ducks bus/boat to tourists on board, pointing out the store that used to be Zipperhead, "immortalized" by The Dead Milkmen in their song "Punk Rock Girl."

All last summer, in one of the apartment windows on South Street, there was a sign that said FUCK THE DUCKS.